Nudist Life


Gerald B., 61, got divorced several years ago. He said his wife “had simply given up.” He wasn’t interested in a sedentary retirement or golf. He still felt very much “in the game, still very appreciative of all that’s wondrous in life, including the beauty of young women, something you don’t fully appreciate when you’re their contemporary.” He further clarified: “I’m not a sex addict. I just like being around attractive younger people, meaning women and teens. When I discovered “nudism” and its mixed generations aspect, it was like discovering the Garden of Eden, but this time full of young nymphs running around naked under the sun. You can never get bored with that.”

In response to his new found love for nudism, Gerald follows “the nudist sun” throughout the year, taking a one or two week vacation every other month. “In winter it’s the Caribbean and Mexico. In summer I travel an arc up from Spain through France into Italy. I’m not just sitting on a beach - I do the regular tourist stuff too. But every two or three days I’ll spend a few hours at the nudist beaches taking it all it. It’s like sipping from a fountain of youth each time.” (”Following The Nudist Sun: Travels With Gerald”)