Nudist Pool Parties

Nudist Summer Fun

Most of us have our first experiences with communal nudity in backyard swimming pools. There's always one in the crowd who issues a double-dare, and soon everyone joins in. It's silly and fun, and often the source of some of our greatest memories growing up. Nudist Pool Parties


Purenudism Life

Nudism Is About Getting Naked

Just the act of getting naked is exciting, let alone the fact of being nude on a beach with other nudists. Sometimes it's the arrivals and departures that are the most alluring, the stripping down and getting dressed in public. Purenudism Life


Nudist Wives - Purenudism Fun

Nudist Wives Are Fun People

If you've got a mate who doesn't mind going along with your stupid fantasies, you're a lucky guy. The Nude Wives Club demonstrates why. Nudist Wives


Landed Nudist Resorts

Nudism: The Good & The Bad

Hey, we can't all be pretty, but it's nice if we try (we're always in someone else's view). Unfortunately, a lot of people don't try very hard. If they're nudists, they head to landed nudist resorts.


Purenudism Life Of Teens

The Nudism Life Of Girls

As we keep saying, what would nudism be without the girls? It's an all-ages recreation but there's no denying its main attraction.


Purenudism Teens - Summer

The Joys Of Being Young

We're in the doldrums of winter where I live (though the temps are much higher than usual. I wonder if something's up with the climate.), so of course, thoughts turn to summer, and the delights of summer days and being young. Candid Teens: Nudist Summer


Purenudism & Aesthetics

Purenudism & Aesthetics

We’re all for the wholeness goodness of nudism, believe in it and extol its many other virtues. It’s unquestionably an invigorating thing to do, and we encourage it. Our mission in publishing a nudist pictures site is to show others what they’re missing, and not just in terms of the view. If you practice nudism, you will enjoy a sense of community unlike any other available within a social context (how many social activities are there that involve naked participation?).

Now, if we didn’t edit selections to show the best side of nudism, you’d see the other side, which frankly occupies the interior frontiers of bad taste (think of some  friends you wouldn’t like to see nude, or relatives if you have no friends). You get the point. We’re not one of those nudist sites that feel if it's human it has to be good. A lot of humans have hideous bodies and seem proud of it. We pride ourselves on not showing them. That may sound harsh but do you really want to see a geriatric naked gentleman bending over to adjust his flip-flops? We didn’t think so.

So, this is our annual statement of why lots of the stuff submitted isn’t published. We love good nudity, not nudity per se.

Ed-The Nude Review  Photo: Ibiza Teens

Teen Nudism

Teen Nudism, Wherever It Occurs, Is Invigorating

Whether at home or at the watering hole for a skinny dipping party, teen “nudist” behavior–behavior, meaning not nudist in the traditional sense–is always refreshing to view. Look for fresh photography in “Casual Home Nudity” and our nudist magazine for daily updates on the teen scene and nudity. Nudism Life


Purenudism In The Caribbean

Nudist Caribbean

It's high season in the Caribbean and, while it isn't exactly cheap, a couple can enjoy a week of naturism in the tropics for $3000, including airfare. It's also family friendly, so expect to see plenty of Europeans. For a sneak peak, view their webcam.


Nudist Massage Workshops

Purenudism Joy: Attending Nudist Massage Classes

One of the perks of stepping into the nudist lifestyle are the workshops. From nude meditation to outbound adventures and, my favorite, nudist massage classes.