Nudism Could Save The World

Could Nudism Save The World?

The recent terror in Paris got us thinking - could it have happened in a nudist world? Probably not. In fact, we're sure it wouldn't, but an attitudinal shift is also required in the way men look at women.


Purenudism Teens

Purenudism Teens


Nudist Magazine: Hiking Naked


Nudist Hiking In Germany

Weather permitting, hiking nude in Germany is kind of a folk thing, meaning regular folks do it. The rest of follow with cameras...


Nudist Summer


The (Nudist) Girls Of Summer

As the warm season moves to the Southern Hemisphere, a look back at our summer's bounty of nudist photography celebrating body freedom.

Elsewhere: Nudist Adventure


Zen Nudism


Nudism Is Like A Zen Meditation

Nothing alters one's consciousness like being naked in nature. Also, nothing captures the mind like a beautiful young teen nudist. Talk about focus...


Nudism Is Foreplay For Couples


Having A Nudist Wife

Some men can't handle it while others find nudism with their wives gives their sex life a boost. Is nudism really just foreplay? Nudism & Foreplay


Teen Nudists & Summer Rites Of Passage

Experimental Nudism & Teens

Perhaps we're all natural born nudists. At least, that's how it feels when you're a teenager with raging hormones. Getting Naked: Teen Nudists


Nudist Pictures - Beaches

Nudist Beaches - The Big Picture

Most nudist photography feature single subjects, couples or small groups. It's hard to get the "full picture" on nudist beaches unless you take a wide view. The downside is, not all of humanity makes for desirable subject matter. See Purenudism for more.

New Mobile Version (Beta): Nudist Water Parks


Purenudism Wives

Nudism & Wives 

It's a controversial subject, but what if your mate isn't really "fit" enough to be comfortable on a nude beach? Firstly, are you fit? If so, then you may have a dilemma.